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What others say about our courses…

“I loved the course!! This stage is not very easy for both the parents but most of all the child. Therefore these courses and study guides are a perfect way to start in the right track. Thank you!”


I have been absolutely thrilled with the information that I have learned
through all these courses. The information is invaluable. I am very pleased with this course and the things I have learned through the lessons.
Thank you for providing such a wonderful service.

Participant – Knoxville, TN

“This course was absolutely wonderful and I enjoyed reading and listening to the information provided.”

“The information I got from this course has been very helpful. I had no idea that just because our little girl is only 3, doesn’t mean she isn’t going through some kind of emotional problems… This course gives helpful information for all stages of life and what to look for.”

“El curso esta muy bien explicado y me fue de gran provecgo aprender
sobre que cuestiones sucede en las parejas cuando existe el divorcio y que cosa afectan anuestros hijos gracias.”

Participant – West Palm Beach, FL

“This course was excellent. It really opened my eyes to how a divorce really affects children.”

“The course was very straightforward and provided clear and easy-to-understand information. The videos were good, also. The combination of information and video made the course easy to follow and kept my attention so that I could complete it in one session.”

“Although I sparingly cast support for programs, I enthusiastically strike the gong to Parents Forever. As a result of this program, I have observed more disputes settled voluntarily, less child stress, less cost in time and money to the legal system and divorcing parents, and a greater likelihood of settling future disagreements.”

The Hon. Bruce W. Christopherson, District Court Judge

Dont change a thing unless it will only upgrade the program. This was very
insightful and has helped me to look at things differently.

Participant – Cambridge Co, MA

“The classes helped me to realize that although this process is difficult, there are tools and techniques that lessen the pain for all family members.”

“It’s changed me! It’s taken the focus more off of me and put it on ‘Where do my kids fall into play here?’ It was good!”

“I was very excited to see some of the signs that my children are demonstrating. I feel more confident with the suggestive methods learned, that I can become a more effective parent in this difficult time. Thank you!”

“Thank you for your time and efforts that you have put in to developing this course!”

“You guys are great. Thanks for all this input. I have alot of work to do and I’m happy i found you!”

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