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Welcome to our Parents Forever Online Program!

Family Affairs™ provides Court approved online co-parenting courses for separating and divorcing families. Our Impact of Divorce on Children class is geared toward helping children cope with divorce and separation. Our Online Parenting Classes are the original totally online divorce classes, designed to meet the requirements for mandatory parenting education. No waiting for materials to be mailed, no inconvenient faxing or mailing of exams, and no waiting for your certificate. Upon completion of the course, you receive immediate access to your certificate which you may print and submit to the Court if required.

About our Program

Our parenting classes have been adapted for an online presentation from the University of Minnesota’s Parents Forever™ program – the first online program developed by an institute of higher learning. Whether you are Court mandated or you simply want the information to assist you or a family member or friend through the turmoil of divorce, our online courses cover a wide range of topics including effective parallel-parenting strategies, handling finances, general legal issues, the impact of divorce on children, new relationships and blended family issues, abuse and domestic violence issues, and much more.

Courses for Divorcing Families

Our online courses for divorcing parents are convenient. The online classes are self-paced and there is no specific time you have to be at your computer. The online courses fit into your schedule, not the other way around. Avoid the hassle of completing the mandatory parenting course by taking your course(s) online today!

You may enroll in one or more of our classes at the same time to meet the course length requirements of your specific State. We offer courses two hours in length or a combination of up to twelve hours and we offer multiple course discounts.


Register Now for Courses for Divorcing FamiliesFamily Affairs – Education for Families in Transition – Courses for Divorcing Families

Register Now for Courses for Divorcing Families

Our Courses are 100% Online, Guaranteed Court Acceptance, Available 24 hours, Self-Paced, Convenient and Affordable, Available in English and Spanish, Immediate Certificate, Live Chat and Help Desk Available.

Parents Forever - Education for Families in Transition.